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Benefits of Conducting Online Counseling. In the current world, internet is accessed by almost everyone. Online counseling is offering answers to many questions that may people are having. Businesses is making people be busy search that they don’t get enough time to go for counseling. Others are too shy to explain the problem at hand and they opt to seek online counseling. Online counseling is the same as online therapy, and it is becoming popular all the time. Internet is used well by many therapists who hold counseling services. There are many advantages that online therapy has to the patients and the therapists. The first advantage is the anonymity. Due to this invisibility, the client shares all the problems he/she is having without fearing the counselor. This is because you can meet with your counselor in a mall or a coffee shop and share your problems with them freely. Since privacy is guaranteed the client pour out all their problem without fear which helps to maintain your dignity. The price of hiring an offline counselor is very high as compared to the online counselor. An online counselor may not need a lot of money for the service they are delivering to you. To the online counselor, your costs are cut down since there is no rent or a secretary that you are paying at the end of the month. The the only thing needed to converse with the client is Internet and sending of emails.
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Another advantage is the quality of service delivered. The two parties has enough time to explain the problem at hand and to come up with the solutions. This means that online therapy provides a quality service.
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Contingencies and the outlying route is provided in the delivery process. Online therapy deliver quality work without any movement, and no time restriction thus keep an appointment to their clients. Another advantage is that the client develops a sense of ownership during the process. The answers to some of the questions of the clients may be presented in the form of emails, memories, thoughts or inform of writings. These help the client to read and re-read and rehearse the solutions provided and come up with more solutions to the problem at hand. The client and the counselor enjoy comfort. The service provided does not need an office building, a rent to pay or movement to be made. You transacts business while at the comfort of your home. This means that you can have direct access to your therapist via email miles away from your office for your comfort. Accountability is another advantage that online counseling provides to their client. The expert in this area, and the peer consultation side is made available at the whole process. In conclusion, online counseling provides a lot of advantages to both the clients and the therapist. Saving of time, reliability and invisibility are some of the benefits of online therapy. Other advantages of online therapy is a comfort, convenience, and delivery of quality services. Professionals should use the above advantages to coming up with more online programs that address the needs of the patients.