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The Need to Teach Gender Equality among Children

You can see that issues on gender equality exist in many areas of the society. Clubs like the Golden Dance & Cheer Academy are off-limits to boys since the activities done by them are deemed inappropriate for a boy to do. Some of the parents’ actions towards their children raised a citizenry with a belief on hyper-masculinity in men and an overly emphasized femininity in women.

The children live in a world that has clouded his or her idea of what gender is. The best time for a parent to make a positive contribution to a child’s idea of gender is at ages two to three, when this construct is almost already well-understood. You can try doing these actions towards your children for them to develop a balanced view of gender.

Help your kids identify sexist advertising. The message in marketing is subtle that a person cannot notice that he or she is already influenced. Children are easily attracted to advertisements targeted for them, because these are crafted to easily catch their attention. Children are made to believe on the importance of the toys advertised to them. The goodies in candy shops are colored in a way to attract children and are placed on reachable containers for the kids to get. Magazines project unrealistic gender expectations to their young readers leading them to believe that they are either not man enough or woman enough. Children are made to believe by some advertisements that there are girls toys and boys toys. According to these advertisements girls has to play with make-up, baking toys, and dolls; boys on the other hand has to play with Lego, trucks, and army figurines. What you can do as a parent is to tell your kids that the advertisement is not fair to both boys and girls.

You have to do equal parenting. The husband can help in doing the household chores and the wife can do the driving. By demonstrating that to them, the children understand that gender stereotypes are not helpful at all but are limiting to a person. Working together in parenting not only means providing money for your child’s needs but equally partaking in taking care of the child.

You have to teach your kids that gender stereotypes are bad. Be careful in addressing a gender stereotype that your child seems to believe in. An earlier example about the Golden Dance & Cheer Academy comment of a child can be addressed carefully, show to the child a play where there is a boy dancing with the girls.