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The Meaning of Revenge Pornography and Where to Find Legal Help

There are at a least 38 states and the District of Columbia in the US that have revenge pornography law. In those jurisdictions, the law is usually used to protect subjects of revenge pornography and punish any persons that commit the offense.

So, what is revenge pornography, and how does a victim of the offence proceed with the pursuit of legal redress? Revenge pornography implies the illicit and ill-intentioned conveyance of personal sexual material (usually videos and images) via any media, particularly the web, with somebody as the focus of the material. Mostly, the victim is naked or participating in a sexual act. Most of the time, the material is captured with the victim’s consent, usually by their mate on camera or phone.

The subject may create the said material and send it through private messages, but the material could later be posted online without the subject’s authorization, probably after a relationship breakup. The accused who publishes the content is often compelled by the need for retribution or blackmail of the subject. The offended usually faces very dire repercussions. Nevertheless, nonconsensual pornography is always illicit, no matter if revenge is not its compelling force, and also in situations where the perpetrator has no emotions toward the offended.
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Seeking Legal Redress As a Victim of Revenge Pornography
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Hire a lawyer so long as you require legal counsel over a relevant revenge pornography case. Your revenge pornographyography attorney will offer helpful clarifications and demonstrate how to resolve your case. The attorney will be important to the application of the appropriate state law to fight revenge pornography, helping guard and reaffirm your right to sexual privacy. Should you choose to go to court, your lawyer will provide courtroom advocacy for you, taking care of important documentation and evidence for you.

Cease and Desist Orders

The issuance of a cease and desist letter may conclusively resolve a revenge pornography case in some cases. The letter is issued by the court and directed to the revenge pornography offender, threatening them of further legal consequences should they not end their actions against the victim.

Internet Material Removal

You may utilize both federal law and state law if you wish to remove revenge pornography in which you’re illegally featured. For instance, the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) lets you pursue the erasure of any web content that you own, such as private photos and videos. And if the sharing of naked images and videos without authorization is outlawed as per your revenge pornography state laws, sites publishing the material should remove it or they’ll be violating the law.

Using legal assistance, you may fight revenge pornography wherever it is illegal.