What Happens If Someone Uses Your Copywritten Materials?

Copyright owners have the right to file legal claims any time their materials are used unlawfully. These actions may include but are not limited to the unauthorized sale of music, books, and other copywritten materials. It can also apply to any additional use of these materials in a different outlet. The following are rules related to these materials and legal actions taken based on anti-piracy laws.

Locating the Perpetrator

Investigators can review all mediums to locate any act of copyright infringement. In most cases, they are notified by the owner when they discover another party using their materials. They may also discover that this other party is selling this material through an unauthorized website. The investigators review all connections made by the perpetrator to determine who they are and what proceeds they could gain from the use of these materials.

What can the Owner Acquire?

The owner can acquire all proceeds generated by the sale, production, and distribution of the materials. They can also acquire a settlement for the unauthorized use of the materials. The owner can also acquire punitive damages based on any issues associated with a negative impact on their reputation.

When Can Other Parties use Their Materials?

Other parties can only use the materials when they acquire a contract with the owner. The owner outlines how they can use these materials and what limitations are imposed. The owner can file a claim against them if they use these materials beyond the scope of the contract.

What Other Penalties Apply?

In most cases, the federal government can step in and apply criminal charges. These penalties can include a prison sentence as well as hefty fines. The total volume of violations determines the exact penalties that apply in these cases. They will issue these penalties based on the outcome of the case.

Copyright owners can file a legal claim through their attorney for infringement. These violations determine that another party used their copywritten materials without consent. This indicates that the user didn’t have permission and didn’t possess the legal authority to manage the case. Owners who need help with these cases contact an attorney now.