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Finding a Good Plumber There are a lot of local plumbing companies nowadays, all of them claiming to be the best. Certainly, there are those that are capable of quality workmanship and dependable customer service, and have industry knowledge and experience to do the right. On the other hand, some are simply not worth your trust and cash. How can you tell whom to call if you ever a need plumbing expert? Every household should have a plumber they can call and rely on anytime. You’ll never know when your pipes will burst, your water heater won’t work or your drains get blocked. What are the things to consider when choosing a plumber?
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First and foremost, beware of bogus plumbers and other scams! Don’t allow anyone to sweet talk you into hiring them. Some scammers pose as licensed plumbers even if they aren’t even plumbers at all.
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Don’t let someone into your home unless the plumber is licensed. And don’t trust their word – look for evidence, such as an ID! Anyway, you can always check with the plumber licensing board in your state. Remember to look at the validity, ensuring it is not expired and it was issued by the state where you are both in. Below are additional considerations you have to make before selecting a plumber: Shopping Around It’s always wise to shop around, regardless of what you want to buy. This allows you to make comparisons of various plumbers, particularly in terms of cost and their general reputation. If it’s not an emergency call, you should actually ask for a quote from at least two or three prospects and base your comparisons there. This will make it much easier for you to decide whom to hire. Experience Experience is more important for more complex jobs. How long has the plumber been offering professional services? Has he worked on a case similar to yours, and was he able to fix it? You may have to ask for client references so you can hear it “from the horse’s mouth.” Equipment Note that not all plumbing companies are equal, especially when it comes to the equipment they use. Is your prospective plumber up-to-date with the latest in plumbing technology, like leak detectors and drain cameras? Some plumbers will subcontract jobs that need these tools, so their prices will naturally increase. Insurance and Guarantees Working with a fully insured plumber works for your own security too, and you should never take the risk of hiring someone who has no adequate coverage. And again, ask for proof. Lastly, make sure the plumber will take responsibility of his work, especially for new installations, and give you a reasonable guarantee period.