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How Pineapple Can Reduce IBS Symptoms

Natural foods that we consume daily have healing properties that can help our bodies to recover from minor ailments and help in the recovery process.

Eating the right food and the right amount can keep our bodies strong through the mineral and vitamin contents in them. This good habit can also aid in improving digestion. Improved digestion in itself is a factor that aids healing in our bodies. Better digestion results in better absorption of minerals and vitamins which repair the body in return. This is a basic reality especially for IBS sufferers.

Pineapple is one of the foods that help IBS patients remedy their discomforts. It aids in digestion. Take a fresh pineapple and eat it while fresh. Make sure you only eat ripe pineapples though. Unripe pineapples are not safe for you because they contain a poison that potentially causes serious vomiting. In the event that fresh pineapple is not available in your locality, canned pineapples can do the trick. The pineapple must be cut thoroughly. Get the crown off, the rind, the eyes and also the core.

A good way to remove the eyes is to slice the pineapple crosswise. Of course you can only consume the flesh. Its also very refreshing to eat a chilled, fresh pineapple.

fiber balls can be formed in your intestines if you consume too much pineapple, so eat just the right quantity. When taken right, pineapple has a healing effect.
The acid in pineapples can irritate the tip of your tongue. You can, however, rub a little amount of salt on the pineapple before eating it to reduce this effect. You could also soak the pineapple in salty water for a short while before eating. Canned pineapples don’t sting since they are already soaked in syrup.

Pineapple is a natural cleanser and a diuretic. It helps get rid of toxins from the body. It has a high content of vitamin C and an enzyme called bromelain. This enzyme has anti-inflammatory properties that bring relief to arthritis,gout and sorethroat patients. Additionally it helps in recovery of wounds incurred in surgery or injury. Pineapple is believed to contain micro-nutrients that can protect you from cancer and breaks clots that can potentially harm the heart or brain in case of a stroke. Pineapple is also an excellent warm killer.

Immediately after eating lunch or dinner, ensure you take a piece of pineapple and you will notice the difference in your digestion. This means that a proper digestion will result to less gas, less burping and a more stomach discomforts all which are symptoms of Irritable Bowel Disease. Consider eating a slice or two of pineapple if you are an IBS sufferer.

Another way is to blend the pineapple into juice. If you are not dairy intolerant, you can add milk or yoghurt while blending. Don’t add sugar to the drink, instead add water or ice.

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