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Tips in Creating a Proper Recruitment Advertisement Companies need human resources. People are responsible in handling the production of goods or providing services to the consumers. As such, the human resource is an integral part for a lot of companies. Human resource is a changing aspect in the business. There are employees who left for another job. Some people were fired by the company. People will also retire after reaching a certain age. The job left behind by an employee should be filled by a new recruit. This is where recruitment takes place. And the best way to inform the public is a recruitment ad. How do you make a great recruitment ad? Specifics of the position – Tell about the job being offered. What work is being offered? It is not enough for just the name of the job. Give additional details to avoid confusing the applicants. It should also inform the company expectations for the new recruit. Also put in the salary range they can have once they got the job. Number of available positions – You need to specify how many positions are available. Some companies only need one person. It could also be multiple vacancies. People looking for work do not prefer a recruitment where only one of them will get hired. Meanwhile, applicants will flock on recruitment ads saying that the company will hire multiple individuals.
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Qualifications – You need to put the minimum requirements for people to be qualified for the job. It would be a hassle if most of the applicants are not qualified for the job. It could be the educational attainment, experience as well as technical skills necessary in the job. You can then minimize the number or random applicants. It can be considered as pre-interview screening.
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Method for recruitment – Most companies are secretive with their recruitment process but still provide a rough idea of the whole process. Is there are an exam or just a panel interview? This will help applicants prepare and not get nervous during the recruitment. Location of the recruitment or contact information – The recruitment ad should also provide a contact method or a recruitment address. This allow the applicants to reach out to the recruitment team. There are also a phone interview which many companies are using. Others would directly provide a recruitment address. Recruitment date – You also need to specify the recruitment date. Job interviews can be as short as within a day. Most recruitment process will take for around a month or more. Be interesting – A recruitment speech can greatly increase the potential applicants for the job. A recruitment speech can greatly boost the population of applicants coming for the interview. Do not forgot any of these tips once you are looking for a new recruit.