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What Due Diligence and Risk Management Practices Entail A business has to work with third parties in their day to day endeavors. Examples of third parties include shareholders , suppliers and fellow players. This move however is faced with a number of challenges. The number of issues that may raise risks are such as compliance factors , environmental issues, political and legal factors, health and safety factors among others. The company should be in a position to stay clear of incriminating factors that may be brought about by third party involvements. This necessitates the need to perform due diligence and risk managements operations. The process should be started of by being certain of the third parties operations. They need to get their facts right with respect to the third parties activities . They should be in a position to understand how the third parties conduct their affairs and their ties with political arenas. This will form the basis on the decision to allow them to factor in the business or refute them. They should be sure of the third parties adhere to the rules availed to dictate the nature of their operations. They should be in the light on the risks that are likely to present themselves while working with third parties. There will be risks that will be encountered in every operation that a venture is involved in. There is a risk of not getting the target output they expected from the projects. The goal of a businesses to harness profits and investments may come with a downside of loss.Looking critically into the prospects of getting back the money and earning more from a particular project whether an acquisition or an investment should be done meticulously. There is also a limitation that can be caused by friction between third parties and their employees. They should be clear on the policies and employee treatment as any short fall in the third party will be counted as they shortcoming. The use of middlemen in the transactions should be reduced significantly to only accommodate those that are absolutely necessary. The threat of consumer dissatisfaction with relation to any aspect of service or product should be addressed before things get out of hand.
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There should be an inbuilt system that continue with this practices even after establishing partnerships with third parties. They will be useful in catering for change of patterns in the operations of a third party. The practices undertaken in due diligence and risk management are so that they may spot, examine and present solutions against any risks that would translate into bigger threats. It allows the company to expand and be in a position to do so for long without having to deal with major risks.